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Stian Pedersen (43) ble stemt frem som årets trener/instruktør 2018 i FEIF.

Utmerkelsen ble utdelt i forbindelse med FEIF-konferansen i Berlin denne helgen. Stian vant som følge av en avstemming på FEIFs nettsider, i tøff konkurranse med seks andre kandidater.  

- Det var sikkert flere andre som hadde fortjent den prisen også, men dette var skikkelig stas. Tusen takk for nominasjonen, uten den hadde det ikke blitt noe, sier Stian.

Den tidligere verdensmesteren ble nominert for sitt arbeid som engasjert instruktør for ryttere og hester på alle nivåer.

- Vi har mange dyktige instruktører i Norge, og denne gangen nominerte vi Stian Pedersen. Det er kjempegøy at denne utmerkelsen gikk til en norsk instruktør, og ingen har vel fortjent det mer enn Stian. Det er bare å gratulere, sier leder i dommerutvalget i NIHF, Tina Oppen.

Her kan du lese nomineringen fra dommerutvalget (på engelsk):
Norway wants to nominate Stian Pedersen (43) to "Best instructor/trainer of the year 2018". Stian, who is a Holar graduate and FEIF level 3 instructor, has spent half his life educating and
training others. With more than 50 students each year,and more than 20 weekends a year spent traveling to different countries as a instructor, he has put his mark on the Icelandic horse society. Stian, who is a former world champion in both T1 and V1, has helped many riders to reach their goals on the competition track. His wife Agnes Helga Helgadóttir, to name one. 
Agnes rode six year old stallion Sigur, from their own breeding, in to the B-final in V1 during the
nordic championships this year. Stians young student Ørjan Lien Våge and his Haldir also went straight to the top in the GDT class with 8,444 points during the nordic championships. Stian is however, dedicated to riders and horses on all levels, not only to those on the national team. According to Stian, his philosophy is to teach the riders WHY you should do things in a certain way, not only that you should do it. He believes in understanding the horse physiology and
anatomy, and sticking to a system that works. 
His goal is to help the riders ride their horse in a better way. In addition to this, he is
cooperating with a local high school, teaching the students how to brake in and train young horses. This project has been going on for 12 years, giving the students a unike opportunity to learn what is maybe the most important part of horse training. In a world where people are
always looking for short cuts and the fastest way to the top as a rider, i`ts quite unike to have a instructor on this level who offers to teach a class of young people with genuine horse interest how to brake in and handle the young horse. The students spend nine hours a week at Stians stable.

To sum this up we think that Stian Pedersen really deserves to be voted "Best instructor/trainer of the year 2018". For his success as an instructor and trainer during many years, but also for his dedication towards young students who, thanks to him, has been given the tools to brake in and train the young horses that all riders depend on.